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I am using Quicken 6.3.2, which is adequate for my needs. As far as I know, I do not have a Quicken membership and would prefer not to have a subscription.

Do need a subscription to continue using 6.3.2?

Thank you.

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    Quicken has been on a subscription basis since fall 2017 and the program was on version 4.x. So, yes, if you're using version 6.3.2, you are using a subscription version of the program. However, version 6.3 was released nearly a year ago, in July 2021, so you're not on the latest version, which is 6.7.1. Do you get a notice every time you launch Quicken that there is a newer version available? 

    That doesn't answer whether you have a current subscription, though. Please pull down the Quicken menu to About Quicken, and it will show "Membership Valid Until …" — is your expiration date in the future or the past? Alternatively, you can log into your account at Quicken.com and click on "Manage" in the Subscriptions box to see the status of your subscription.

    Quicken allows users to continue using the program after a subscription ends without transaction downloads (Everything must be entered manually). But you would likely be aware if you were in this situation due not only to the inability to download, but because the program will steal roughly the right quarter of your Quicken screen for a message encouraging you to renew your subscription. If you can live with that intrusion by doing some extra horizontal scrolling, then you can continue using the program with an expired subscription indefinitely. Most people find the intrusive renewal message to be too annoying, and/or the lack of transactions importing to be too limiting, and choose to continue/renew their subscription. 

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