Changed account types, settings and transactions

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I changed an account from a savings type to an asset type and now I can't change it back. The settings option doesn't popup and transactions windows open up is blank.

Is this a known problem? Any thoughts on recovery?

Running 6.7.1 version on MBA M1.


  • jacobs
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    You could create a new savings account. Then open the asset account and do Select All. Click and drag any of the highlighted transactions to the new savings account in the left sidebar. This will move all your transactions to the saving account. Finally, delete the now-empty asset account (and rename the savings account, if needed).
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  • RickO
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    @jimbok517  What @jacobs describes will work, but only if you see the transactions in the changed account's transactions view. You seem to be saying that the transactions view is now blank? Also, you should be able to change an Asset account to a Savings account in the account settings. But you seem to be saying that you can't open this account's settings?

    How are you accessing the account and how are you trying to open its settings?

    Are you clicking on the account in the sidebar? If so, are you sure you are clicking on the actual account and not a group register? If you hover your pointer over the Property & Debt and/or the Property headings in the sidebar, you should see a little > or v symbol which will let you expand or collapse the group to reveal/hide the individual accounts within.  Once you have the actual account selected, click top menu Accounts > Settings to change the account type. If that menu item is grayed out, then you don't have the account selected properly in the sidebar.
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