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I am thinking about switching over to Quicken but I have a question. I have a business with 2 checking accounts (1 for each store location). Is it possible to run profit/loss reports for each checking account individually so that I can see how profitable each business location is, or is it only shown as an overall P/L of both bank accounts? Thanks.


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    All Quicken reports can be customized to show whichever account or accounts you want to see.

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    I'm testing out the business version of quicken. I have a business with 2 locations. I have a separate checking account for each location. Is there a way to run the P/L and have it show only the transactions for each checking account individually as well as both accounts together? I like to be able to break it down so I can see how each location is doing but then also need it all together for tax purposes at the end of the year.
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    You could use Tags.   You can have a Tag for each location.  Then sort the reports by tag.  You can add a Tag to each transaction.  

    There are Categories and Sub-Categories and Tags. You use a colon in front of a sub-category.  The forward slash / designates a Tag,  or there is also a TAG column.  

    Example of Sub-Category….
    Auto:Auto Fuel

    Example of Tags…
    Auto Fuel/Toyota
    Auto Fuel/Ford

    I have a home business and  use Tags  for each job.  Then when I run a report I can sort it by job.  So an expense entry might look like this…
    Business Expense:Supplies/Maple Street

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    Since you say you have two separate checking accounts, you may or may not need the coding by tags or sub-categories which @volvogirl explained above. For expenses (and/or income) involving just a checking account, it's easy to do separate P&L reports based on one account, the other account, and both accounts — without using different categories or tags. But if you want the combined report to have separate lines for each business, then you'd want sub-categories or tags. 
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