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I just saw on another post it is best not to attach images to your transactions, but to save them in their own folder as JPGs. Ugh, wish I knew that a long time ago. I have 168 transactions to which I have attached the front and back of canceled checks. Is there any way in the app to export these in bulk, rather than one by one which will be tedious? Thanks in advance!


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    The only way to extract attachments is one at a time.
    I'm in the same predicament. A while ago, I started extracting them and gave up due to the amount of work it entails.

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    @45MPHK9 Take your time and do 5-10 a day, in about a month you will have all of them and you won't go stir crazy doing it.  There is nothing that says they have to be out in just a couple of days.

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    Good to know I'm not alone. Thank you!
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