Duplicate transactions

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I have a mess in my Quicken register. When I paid a credit card on my banks web site. I entered the payment on my quicken register for that cc manually. even if it was set for automatic. I used the transfer column to put in the bank name. Now I am seeing the payment was duplicated in the checking register. How do I correct this?


  • Sherlock
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    You should manually match the downloaded transaction to the transfer transaction.  If you have already accepted the transaction, you have a few options.  You may restore a backup of the Quicken file you saved before you accepted the downloaded transaction, you may remove the accepted transaction and set the transfer transaction as posted, or you may remove the transfer transaction and set the category of the accepted transaction to complete the transfer (assuming you haven't already matched the other end of transfer). 

    Note: Before making any significant changes to your Quicken file, always save a backup: press Ctrl + B
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