BEWARE! I am switching all to AUTOPAY. [Edited - Disruptive]

Warning regarding Quicken financial software! I have used Quicken for many years but feel they are going downhill fast.
I posted a payment in full to my Sams Club MC credit card 5/17 using Quicken. It accepted my request but I received notification from MC 6/13 that my payment was overdue. As a result I incurred a Late Fee and Interest Penalty. MC refunded the Late Fee but not the Interest Penalty of $41.
I have Premier membership with Quicken so I called them. I ended up talking to 4 different agents (they disconnected once) over 2 1/4 hours providing them details and proof of the charge while they escalated the case to get me reimbursed. I was told early on that Quicken was having difficulty with their interface to SAMS Credit and they didn't know when it would be fixed.
In the end they claimed it was not their fault that the payment was rejected by SAMS MC and they would not pay me anything!!


  • @seahorsemaster - did the 5/17 payment ever post in your checking account?
  • Seahorsemaster
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    No it did not. Quicken claims payment was rejected by SAMS MC.
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    Would have been helpful if Quicken had alerted me that the payment failed so I could have made a direct payment before incurring interest charges.
  • @Seahorsemaster - not to be "nitpicky" but did you get an explanation from Sam's Club as to why they rejected the payment?
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    They claimed I had answered security question incorrectly! However, was sure it never asked me any security questions. Just for kicks I went back and repaid the bill in Quicken later and again it never asked me security questions and this time it went through fine! Everything is always someone else's fault! Obviously they are continuing to modify their connection to fix existing issues.
  • @seahorsemaster - that seems like a weak explanation from Sam's Club.  It doesn't make sense.  It's more likely that their system "hiccupped", or it was human error on their end.  Hearing all that you said, I wouldn't necessarily put the onus on Quicken for this incident.
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    That was Quicken's explanation not Sams Club. Why didn't Quicken alert me that the payment failed. It did on other occasions. Why did Quicken's reps tell me that there were issues with their interface to SAMS CLUB and they didn't know when it would be fixed??? If I was Quicken I would bend over backwards to keep existing long time customers happy no matter whose fault it was. I in good faith paid the bill in full and well before the due date. Why should I ever trust them to pay bills in the future after being strung along for over 2 hours with promises of reimbursement to get turned down in the end!!
  • @seahorsemaster - But then what was Sam's Club explanation?  Or are you saying that Quicken is saying that's Sam's Club's explanation?  You stated in your first post that Sam's Club rejected the payment.  Nevertheless, using Bill Pay in Quicken doesn't absolve the user from responsibility for ensuring the payments are made, or made on time.  To ensure this situation doesn't happen again, I would always verify that the payment cleared your checking account and if it doesn't, follow up on it immediately.  I know you are very angry about this, but I would not hold judgement on this one incident, unless it becomes a recurring issue.
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    [Removed - Disruptive] [Removed - Speculation] Maybe you think it is a great product but if I have to continually follow behind them to make sure the payments I entered are accepted I just don't see the benefit. That's double work and no peace of mind. To me it will be much easier to set all of my accounts to Autopay and just forget about it.
  • No, I don't work for Quicken.  I am a Quicken user just like you. I know Quicken has issues but overall has done a great job for me.

    I have all my bills on auto pay.  One the smartest things I've done, and I should have done it much sooner.  All payments taken on due date, and so far after 4 years, no issues, no missed or late payments.
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    There are plenty of complaints in here about the payment process through Quicken, many of them with stories similar to yours.  Accordingly I have not chosen to use Quicken Bill Manager but instead pay bills through the bill payment services offered by Schwab Bank.  Schwab Bank's service doesn't work through Quicken which means extra work on my part but it's worth it, because once I set up a payment I know it's going to be made on time
    I know there's still some banks with bill pay services that work directly through Quicken - Chase comes to mind - so you might search out one of those banks.
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    Upon disabling a few features that seem to be error prone based on observations and experiences such as Cloud Sync and Bill Manager, users will discover that the program works very smoothly without them.  When it comes to bill pay/manager specifically, my logic is not to get a mix of programs and their 3rd parties involved (because each introduces a potential point of failure into the process) and instead set it up directly with the source - the bank.  Of course it is a personal preference.
    - QWin Deluxe user since 2010, US subscription on Win11
    - I don't use Cloud Sync, Mobile & Web, Bill Pay/Mgr

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