Serious issues with syncing

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:s Avoid syncing to the cloud if at all possible. Since I started syncing several months ago, the result has been corrupted transactions over and over. I even involved Quicken support. They advised me to copy and repair the file, which I did. I also reset the cloud account. At first, it appeared the problem was resolved. However, the problem has persisted. I have tried repairing the file several times, to no avail. What is particularly problematic is that with each iteration different types of transactions have been corrupted, to the point I have decided I WILL NOT use the syncing feature again.

For me, syncing was appealing because I'm using two different computers, and having up-to-date transaction data on both was critical. However, if syncing results in corrupted transaction data, what's the use of syncing?

As a solution, I decided to copy the data file to a cloud storage (each time I use Quicken) and then copy the file manually to the other computer. This way, I don't involve the syncing feature at all.

BTW, Quicken needs to do a much better job recovering data from data files. For example, there was not an easy way to export certain transactions to a comma-delimited text file. As a result, I had to manually recreate the transactions using an older clean version of the data file.


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