How do I use quicken when I am not connected to the internet.

I want my files saved on my computer, I don't update from banks or credit cards I do everything manually. When my internet was down it would not open. When I bought this it was because my computer had crashed and I could not load Quicken 2016. I want everything local on my computer so I do not pay yearly, I don't care about updates! None of the options fit so I did my best.


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    When you're not connected to the internet, I suggest you disable the network adapter or enable a firewall rule to block connections by the Quicken applications (qw.exe and quickenPatch.exe).

    To prevent Quicken from applying an update without your approval, I suggest you set Windows UAC settings appropriately (choose default or always notify).When your Quicken subscription does expire, there will be an expiration banner you will not be able to clear.  If you haven't already,

    If are able to locate the Quicken 2016 installation program, I suggest you perform a clean uninstall, install Quicken 2016 while disconnected from the internet, update by downloading and applying the Quicken 2016 R19.5 Mondo Patch.  Normally, I would provide a link to the Quicken Support page on the clean uninstall however, Quicken Support decided to archive the page mistakenly thinking it was no longer needed.  Here's a link to the page as saved on the Internet Archive:  To update Quicken, I recommend you download and apply the appropriate Quicken 2016 R19.5 Mondo Patch:

    Note: The Quicken subscription's Quicken file format is supposedly compatible with Quicken 2016.

    If you are not able to locate the Quicken 2016 installation program and you are willing to start over with a new Quicken file, I suggest you perform a clean uninstall and install the free Quicken 2013 Deluxe:
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