Online banking description of Amazon purchases

Here's the rub! I have quite a few Prime Video subscriptions (i.e. STARZ, Lifetime Movie Club and so on). This is what the description in online banking looks like:

XX1269 Prime Video1Q9NN5D21 XX3080 WA
May appear on your statement as

That (to me) random code after Prime Video changes. I've gone and searched by amounts and located the items and it changes every single time.

This is Junes STARZ charge description:
XX1269 Prime VideoHW5GT7A33 XX3080 WA

This is Mays STARZ charge description:
XX1269 Prime Video1R2NQ66S2 XX3080 WA

Huge pain in the butt to have to triangulate between Quicken, Online Banking and Amazon to figure out what a transaction is.

Can't lie, after owning Quicken for years and years it took a lot for me to jump into a subscription. Quicken was to make my bookkeeping and budgeting easy if not easier. There must be some sort of solution to this.

Thank you for any help!


  • splasher
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    forget the code, is there anything in the payee and/or memo fields that is unique to each subscription such as "video" or "Prime video"?  If so, a properly constructed renaming rule would be able to make a Payee that is unique.

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  • UKR
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    Would sure be nice if the bank inserted a blank space after "Prime Video" ...
    However, I think, you should be able to solve this problem by doing either one of the following:
    1. create a Renaming Rule like this and use a Memorized Payee List entry "Prime Video" for Quicken to add a new transaction from downloaded data
    2. use a Scheduled Reminder "Prime Video" and record this transaction BEFORE the due date, BEFORE you download transactions from the bank with this purchase included. Quicken will match the downloaded transaction to the already existing one.
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