Citi card transactions posted to wrong accounts

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My attempt to download transactions for my 2 Citicards failed. A Quicken popup screen appeared listing those accounts and asked if these were the ones I wanted to reconnect to. I checked them and then responded continue. What happened next was transactions from one account were downloaded to another plus several erroneous payments against one credit card were charged to the other credit card instead of my checking account.

Is there anyway I can undo this? In the pre-subscription version of Quicken I could reinstall a older date data file. I cannot find such a file on my Mac.


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    Click on the red Q in the upper right of the Quicken screen, and select "Show in Finder." This will open a Finder window to a Documents folder which holds your Quicken data file. Command-click on Documents at the top of that window, and select the next level down, which should be Quicken. Inside that folder, open the Backups folder, and inside that, the Automatic Backups folder. That's where you'll find your backups.
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