File Copy - deactivates online links in BOTH the copy AND current live file

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:s:/ It appears that with the new release of quicken, that any kind of backup or file copy (or even year end archive) DEACTIVATES ALL INSTITUTIONAL LINKS, whether in the archive copy or the "continue to use copy". IS THERE A WAY AROUND THIS ISSUE? If not, there should be. Security is great, but not when it forces me to relog 30+ accounts when I want to shrink my file size.


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    Depending upon which menu commands you use - the online links will become deactivated....
    BUT - it really depends on which path you follow from the .... File --> Copy or Backup -->
    I'm running R41.10 - and just performed a "Complete Backup" - and all links are still intact on the live QDF file.

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    Backups are not deactivated, the copies might be depending on which type of copy you make.

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