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I just started using Quicken premier so I can track and match my stock and option trading. I noticed that quicken does not download the option trades that I have done with Merrill Lynch. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong or what setting I need to enable? I am talking about option trade for Calls and Puts, Sell Calls to open, Buy Calls to Close, etc...


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    I wouldn't think you'd need to "enable" anything.  Generally all trade information should be downloading.
    It looks like you have the choice of downloading using Direct Connect or Web Connect with ML so maybe the first thing to do is to open your OFX file (Help > Log Files > OFX file) and try and find any of your option trades.  You can open the OFX file in Notepad and then use the Find function or simply scroll to a particular download where you expect to see one of these trades and scroll through all the transactions in that download.
    If the trades aren't included in the OFX file (unlikely, I'd think) then you need to talk to ML.  If the trades are in the OFX file but aren't being included in the transaction list then that's a horse of a different color and it may be necessary to contact Quicken Support directly to figure out what's going on.  It might come down to the fact that ML is somehow not coding these transactions properly, though that too seems unlikely.
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