New Accounts Do Not Show Up in Sidebar (Q Mac)

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I have created two new accounts today and neither show up in sidebar. How do I access the accounts to enter transactions if they are not shown in sidebar?


  • RickO
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    What kind of accounts did you create?

    Do you have any of the sidebar groups collapsed? To expand all groups, click the three dot (...) menu at the top of the sidebar then click Expand All Sidebar Groups. Perhaps your accounts are hiding in a collapsed group. Be sure to check the Hidden and Separate groups in case your new accounts got marked as hidden or separate.
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    @CUITCNY Hmm, I'm not having that problem. I just tried creating a few new manual accounts, and they all showed up in the sidebar as expected. I have two thoughts to check…

    It's possible you have a sidebar account group in its collapsed state. The Main groups (like Banking, Investing, Property & Debt) show an icon to the left of the text: "v" for expanded or ">" for collapsed. But in a quirk of questionable design, the sub-account groups (like Checking, Savings, Brokerage, Retirement, etc.) can similarly be expanded or collapsed, but the "v" or ">" icon is not visible unless you hover over the text. So if you added a credit card account, hover over Credit Card so it is highlighted, and see if the icon to the left of it is ">"; if so, click on the icon, and it will change to "v" and display your credit card accounts. 

    If all your account sub-groups are in the expanded setting, then I'd go to Accounts > Hide and Show Accounts to look for these new accounts. Make sure (a) they're there, and (b) they are not marked as Hid in Lists, Keep Separate or Closed.

    Post back after you check these issues out.

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    I thank RickO and jacobs for their responses. I solved the problem in an indirect way but I think the problem is illustrative of using QUicken Mac on a M1 chip MAC mini.

    In response to RickO and jacob, the accounts I "created" were not hidden or anything along those lines. I put "created" in quotation marks because (perhaps) the accounts were never truly created.

    First, I tried to create one Investment Account with the name Dxx - ML Brokerage Account. After manually creating it, the account did not show up in the sidebar. I checked hidden accounts: not there. Thinking that I did not properly complete the task, I tried again: when add Dxx - ML Brokerage Account, Quicken told me I cannot use that name as it already exists for an account. So I changed it to Dxx - Merrill Brokerage Account and hit finish and again account did not show up in the sidebar. Suspcious. I check Account LIst and neither account was present.

    I have seen similar behavior with adding transactions when Quicken is open for a few days and the Mac Mini had not been rebooted for a few days. The transactions added appear not to be present, but upon moving to a different account and back to the account where the hidden transactions were originally entered, the missing or hidden transactions appeared. The only solution to avoiding this behavior, I found, is to reboot the MAC mini.

    In this case, I attempted a backup before rebooting, but either Quicken or the MAC mini got hung up after twenty minutes. So I force quit QUICKEN MAC and rebooted. Upon rebooting, the two missing accounts were still missing. Seems like they were still missing and perhaps never created despite the naming challenge mentioned above.

    So I manually attempted to create an account, again, after rebooting, but uses the default name "Traditional IRA Account" and voila, it showed up in the Investment accounts. I was then able to change the name to either Dxx - ML Brokerage Account (suggesting it was previously never created) or Dxx - Merrill Brokerage Account (suggesting it was never created).

    I do not know if the problem or problems like this is related to QUICKEN for MAC being open for a long time (days) or whether it is somehow related to the M1/Mac Mini. The system has 1 TB of hard drive and16GB of memory. But the quicken file is quite large as it has more than 20 years of data and more than 25 active accounts.
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    Very strange indeed. You can click menu Help > Report a Problem and cut and paste your description of this issue there to report it to Quicken. But you will not get any feedback that way.

    If you have time, I'd suggest you contact support, let them screen share and see if you can replicate the problem. That would be the best way to get this bug reported and know that it was.

    I have not seen this and I'm on an Intel Mac, so if it's M1 related, I will not be able to replicate.

    Also, I will add, that it's not a good idea to leave Quicken file open when you're not using it. This leaves the database open for write. While not likely, a system crash or other event could potentially corrupt the database beyond repair. It really doesn't take that long to launch Quicken, even with 20 years of data (I have 25 years). So just quit Quicken when you're not using it. Bonus: if you have auto-backup turned on, you will always have a number of backups created each time you quit.
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    I reported the problem using "Report a Problem". I will quit QMAC each time I am finished using it, per your recommendation.
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