One Step Update Issue

I searched prior posts about One Step Update and couldn't find this particular issue. I run the One Step Update every morning, and have for years. For the past few weeks, after running the Update, my Citibank CC account will have a red flag indicating a download that needs to be reconciled. However, going to my Citi accounts in Quicken, there would be nothing to reconcile, and as soon as I click on the account name to view it, the red flag would disappear.

Today, it was Citi and my Chase CC, with nothing to reconcile in either account.

Every time this has happened, including today, I would log in to those individual accounts on line and see that there was nothing to download.

I am running a subscription version of Quicken for Windows, Version R41.10, Build 27.141.10, on a Windows 11 Home computer.

Bug for a future upgrade?


  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Here's a couple of things to try... 
    From your statement "a download that needs to be reconciled" I'm guessing that you might be allowing Quicken to automatically enter into the Registers downloaded transactions.  If that's indeed the case then you might try turning this option off for those Accounts and see if that helps. "Automatic entry" has been associated with some odd behavior in Quicken.
    Both of these institutions (at least in my Quicken Accounts) allow for downloaded via Direct Connect, the most reliable downloading method.  If you are using Express Web Connect for these credit cards and Direct Connect is available to you, then try switching downloading methods.  (Backup first, of course.)
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