How to fix error OL-393-A on update/ down load from B of A

For several years have ben receiving an error OL-393-A when uploading bills or downloading updated transactions from B of A. uploads and downloads all were correctly accomplished but always received error message Recently, did last update of Quicken program, suddenly would not update bills correctly. Got hijacked to a purported Quicken technical support group and paying 800.00 dollars to have the "data on the server" cleaned up from all the error messages that had accumulated and was stopping the data transfer to occur. Actually was shown the connection log I am sure, was a group from India, really did not know what they were doing but kept me on the computer for 6 hours messing around. They finally directed me to reinstall the program and all worked as it has for years, just keep getting the connection error. Was told the the bill pays would all have to be processed before we would reactivate the B of A accounts. Reactivated the B of A accounts today still get error message. Any ideas//


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