Where did the commas go?

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Just started to use the latest MAc release. Version 6.8.1 (Build 608.44845.100).

In the investment portfolio view there are no commas to separate the 000's, just more decimal points. So as an example 100,000.00 appears as 100.000.00 in all columns - rather confusing. The issue might also occur in other reports, I just don't know.

(I included a png image but not sure if it will be viewable. In any event the issue is clear).


  • jlgg
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    @geffers I can make this happen by increasing the font size.  6.8.0 was the first update to apply custom register font settings to the portfolio view.  I agree this should be fixed. 
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    @geffers @jlgg I'd encourage you to report this via Help > Report a Problem. (I was unaware of this because I use the standard font and size; it's possible the developers are also unaware of this.)
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