Renew subscription using retail purchased copy of quicken - worked fine

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I purchased a copy of Quicken Deluxe from Bestbuy today (it was on a one day sale) to use the license key to extend my subscription. I just noticed that it says it is the 2020 version. Can I still use this license key to renew my 2022 subscription? Thanks


  • jacobs
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    Maybe. ;) Quicken activation codes from some time periods, at least, supposedly expire after a period of time. It's always been hard to figure out, because there is no date on the outside of the box to tell you when the activation code inside was created, nor when/if it expires.

    So… you could open the package, try the activation code inside, and if it doesn't work, take your case to Best Buy for a refund or exchange. Usually, opened software isn't returnable, but your argument would be they sold you an old box with an expired code which is worthless. It may depend on the manager at your local Best Buy whether you'd get satisfaction. 

    Or the code might just work. 

    Or return the unopened package to Best Buy and tell them they sold you a 2-year old version, and you want a newer box or a refund.

    Just to be clear, the software in the box is irrelevant; it's only the code which matters. Since you have an existing subscription, you'll keep using your current software, and the code will just add 12 months to your subscription. Even if the box contains a CD and you install from the disc, it will simply connect to Quicken's server and download the latest version.

    One more note: you can only extend a subscription if you have 6 months or less remaining in your current subscription. If you have more time than that remaining, and thought you could just sit on this until you need it, then you'd be really gambling that the code will work in the future, at which time you won't be able to return it to Best Buy. 
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  • Bill48
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    Thanks Jacobs. I have several weeks left on this subscription and the 1 day sale at bestbuy (if valid) will make the renewal $18 cheaper than renewing online.
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    Bill48 said: I have several weeks left on this subscription and the 1 day sale at bestbuy (if valid) will make the renewal $18 cheaper than renewing online.
    As mentioned - as long as you are within the last 6 months window
    AND the Activation Code has not expired (2 years)
    AND it was not just for NEW Users.... 
    it should work -
    please let us all know with a followup -

  • Bill48
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    Used the activation key from the 2020 Quicken Deluxe from Best Buy and it worked as expected. My subscription was extended a year. I had 3 weeks left before renewal.

    FYI, Quicken support said they would be able to fix if I had a receipt and it did not work.
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