Any way to change font size (Q Mac)

Barbara O'Keeffe
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Is there anyway to change the font size. Since the new update the when I have the portfolio page open for a fund, the listings at the bottom for recent transactions (purchases, sells, dividends, etc.) are too large to be correctly displayed on the screen. I've looked all over and can't find where to change font size. I know everyone else seems to be using huge screens, but on a 13" Mac Pro Notebook, there isn't a lot of space.


  • jacobs
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    Yes, you can adjust font size and line spacing on the View menu with the Register Test & Row Settings screen. Or if you want to just change the font size without adjusting the font or spacing, the View menu has Increase Register Size and Decrease Register Size commands. Or press Command + or Command — to do the same thing. On my MacBook Pro, I use the System Font Regular font, the default 13 point size, and a row high of Compact. 
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    Thank you. I looked under preferences and could see anything. Not thinking about the View setting. Old age taking its toll.
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