R41.19 Crash after install

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Version R41.19 - Build
Installed, crashed after updating the Financial Institution accounts, but before completing "Quotes and investment information" and "Investing.Quicken.com"

Diagnostic steps already taken::
1. Backup file
2. ran Mondo update file
3. tried validation
4. uninstalled Quicken/reinstalled Quicken - no fun.
5. Now crashes if you open an account and try to select a downloaded item.
6. Crashes regularly now, no Blue screen, just a pop up asking if I want to close the program or wait for program to respond.
7. rebooting several times throughout the process.
8. ran virus scanner - no issues noted.

next suggestions


  • miklk
    miklk SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    Try a restore of a datafile from before the update?
  • TigerJoe
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    Thanks for the suggestion @miklk
    I tried that, same result.
    I tried applying an older patch, same result.
    Not sure why Quicken has decided to hate me, I have been using since 1992.
    frustrating for sure. Will try moving to new computer, but was trying to avoid that.
  • Greg_the_Geek
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    Quicken Subscription HBRP - Windows 10
  • TigerJoe
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    Thanks for your suggestion.
    Windows 7 machine - Don't have Windows Defender or Controlled Folders.

    I did change the program to run in compatibility mode for Win 7.
    That seemed to help for a couple days. I saw a window briefly that said Quicken was updating, I was excited that I had found the solution.
    This seem to allow update and reconcile to complete.
    Still would hang though after a short time. Currently I can let it update, but then I cannot select an account before it stops responding.
    Have to use task manager to stop it.

    I will just have to move Quicken to a newer laptop/computer.

    I had a long run with this desktop....sad that Quicken has caused it to stop being useful...(only 1 of 3 programs run on this desktop (Skype/Chrome/Quicken) ).
  • TigerJoe
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    Things I have tired and current status:
    Quicken Home, Business
    Version: R42.8 Current build:
    Compatibility properties: Run in Compatibility mode for Win 7
    Since I last posted, I have checked and triple checked for Virus/Malware.
    Did several Validate and super Validates
    I restored a backup from June 30, then restored a backup from June 2.
    Then restored the July 20 backup.
    Ran the Super Validate.

    It still runs very slowly, but it no longer hangs after running "One Step Update" or "update accounts".
    I can now select all accounts (it used to hang on Capital one savings account when selected).

    As has been said in other postings, I wish when it removed a category, it would say which one(s).
    Thanks to those that commented on this thread or on other similar problem threads.

    I have not had to change computers yet.
  • @Tiger Joe - glad you finally got it to work.  I have seen other Windows 7 users with issues not be as successful.

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