How do I migrate QWin 2017 to QMAC

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Hi. I’m a long-time Quicken Deluxe user on a Windows laptop and want to switch to Quicken online using my MacBook Pro. Before making the leap, are there known problems I should anticipate? If so, how might I make the transition easier?


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    There is not just an online version.  You still need the Mac Desktop program to sync to.  The web is just a subset of the Desktop data.  If you have a current subscription version I think you get both the Windows and Mac programs.  

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    Thanks for the speedy response volvogirl! I’m wanting to ditch my Windows laptop altogether so the plan is to download the Q software to my Mac. In perusing the info from Quicken it mentioned that Q Deluxe 2017 is no longer supported. I’m hoping that does not mean that I can’t migrate my data. Do you know? I’m planning to call them in a.m.
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    Yes, Quicken 2017 is no longer supported (Mac or Windows). But yes, you can convert your Quicken 2017 data to Quicken Mac. There are lots of threads on this site and on the site about best practices for making this conversion.
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    just to clarify - as mentioned -
    There is no "online" Quicken - there is the Quicken On The Web browser access along with the Quicken Mobile App.
    Both require an installed desktop version of Quicken, and then enabling and Sync specific accounts to the Quicken Cloud.
    The migration from 2017 to a more recent version is detailed in other topic threads on the exact same subject.
    [EDIT] - also updated topic title to better reflect the actual Q&A

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    Thanks all to those who respond to my question. Quicken support was extremely helpful as well. I’ve now got all the info I need to get going.
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