Marshland Credit Union in GA

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New online website won't export to Quicken. Does not give anything but csv download to import which Quicken won't take!


  • jacobs
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    Did they previously provide a QFX file to download? Or was Quicken connecting online?

    If the former, you'd need to contact the credit union to tell them you want them to support Quicken and provide a QFX format to download.

    If the latter, well, if they recently changed their website, they they pretty certainly broke Quicken's connectivity. You should probably take the time to call Quicken Support to report this, so they can document it and escalate it (make sure they say they are doing so). Quicken reps gather the information and report it to Intuit, who handles connectivity services for Quicken. Fixes after a website change can take a couple days or weeks, depending on how significant the changes, whether Intuit can fix it themselves, or whether the credit union also needs to make tweaks on their side. 
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