Ongoing issue sorting in reports

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I see this seems to have been an ongoing issue now for several years, but I thought I'd bring it up again.

If I create a report, let's say INCOME by PAYEE, I can see a report that is sorted by PAYEE. I don't want to see the PAYEE individual entrees, just the totals. But I want it sorted by $ amount, so my largest income source is listed at the top. I want to only see the PAYEE names and amounts in a single line.

As far as I can see, I can't do that. I can sort the individual entries when I use the Sort-By-Amount caret at the top of the report. But I can't create a report with the largest income source at the top.

Or can I?


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    You could create the Summary report by Payee, click Export, and sort by amount in any spreadsheet program. I know that's extra steps… but it's a way to get the result you want. 
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    Thanks jacobs.
    I can also skim over the report and get a rough idea. But I create a report, close all the detail lines to see each individual payee, and there's a non-functioning caret on the top on my columns. So it's on Quicken to either remove the caret, or actually make it functional . . .
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