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Let me clarify that I have used Quicken for years but some how my data got corrupted so I just Deleted everything and started over and now things seem to be different than they were before, so hence my question:
How do I get my Bills & Income from my list to automatically be entered into my registers?
I use to be able to set them up so I didn't have to do anything manually but now I don't understand how that can be done. That being said, maybe they would have been entered automatically but this month I clicked on my entries in the Bills and Income list to put them into the check register. Did I not have to do that? I have Quicken Deluxe Ver R40.21


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    We may choose to have quicken automatically enter the transaction in the register a specified number of days before the due date.  If you haven't already, you may want to review:
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    @susanG the other way to get reminders into the register without having to post them is to use the "Reminders to Show in Register" feature.


    Just click on the "clock" icon in the upper right next to the "gear" icon and then choose the number of days you want reminders to show in your register.  This can be done in any register except for Investment Account Registers.  Keep in mind that these reminders that show in the register this way are not editable until they are actually posted.  They still can be edited in the Bills & Income tab as usual.

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