Cash in Secuity vs Cash

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With the new update, when I sort investments by Asset Class, I see "Cash in Secuity" and Cash. The Cash in Security seems to total about right the amount of cash and MMFs I have, however the pulldown detail of the category lists every stock and ETF I have. Very strange. The "Cash" total at the bottom of the report shows WAY more cash than I really have. Can anyone explain what's up with this? Thx!


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    The title should say "Cash in Security". Sorry if it confused anyone.
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    Cash in Security represents the amount each of your investments holds in cash. For many funds, this is a small percentage of 2% or less. Even a stock fund like Vanguard Global Equity has close to 4% of its value in cash. Conversely, a money market fund may not be all cash; Vanguard's Cash Reserve Federal Money Market Fund is about 75% cash and 25% bonds.

    Because the cash held by your securities is useful in assessing your assets class distribution, it's clearly not the same as actual, liquid cash in your portfolio. The Cash number in the portfolio should represent cash in your account. In some cases, depending on how brokerages report their data to Quicken, it's possible for money market funds to be shown as securities or as cash. 
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