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Is there a known issue with Saved passwords not working? Quicken seems to have lost most of my saved passwords and after I reenter them and click the save checkbox and hit apply it just keeps telling me to enter my password but there's no place to enter it and the save doesn't seem to be taking


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    To be more specific the problem is with the password vault
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    @botzen67 - I am not sure which screen you are on, but it sounds like the "One Step Update Settings" box?  If so, you would need to fill in all passwords and click on ok for each one, before you click on Apply.  If that isn't the issue then try this - on that screen, do you notice some FIs listed have a gold key instead of a password box?  Click on the gold key and it will provide a link to enter your login ID and password.  Do this for each of your FIs with the gold key, then hit Apply.
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    Passwords are NOT retained in the Password Vault for accounts set up for Express Web Connect since it is the aggregator service that needs and stores the password.
    You can see which download method is established for an account on the Account List (Tools menu).

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