Wise (formerly Transferwise)

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Any tips for using a quicken account to track a Wise multi-currency payment account? It doesn't seem like Quicken offers any download options for it. Thanks.


  • Tom Young
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    Without downloading ability - and it doesn't surprise me that this isn't an option for this account - I'd say the best you can do here is to create a new, manual, (Cash? Bank?) Account in Quicken for each currency you use, e.g. "Wise US Dollars", "Wise Euros", etc., and use the multi-currency feature in Quicken for each Account.  (I've never used this Quicken feature and really have no idea how well it works.)  You'd have to manually enter transactions in each separate Account as they occur.
    Having never used Wise I have to assume that they provide a separate listing of transactions in each currency as well as a balance for each currency, so reconciliations of these separate Accounts shouldn't be too much of an issue.
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