Downloaded Credit Card Transactions - charges import as credits

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I've just started my Quicken subscription, and have downloaded transactions for my HSBC accounts, using the Quicken QFX format.

In the case of downloading for my checking account, the upload worked correctly.

For my credit card account, however, charges were imported as credits, and vice versa, making manual matching a complete nightmare.

Is this a known problem, and is there a fix for this?


  • jacobs
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    When you say the charges were imported as credits, could you clarify what you mean. Are the amounts in your register negative? This is normal and proper for a credit card account.

    you may find it helpful to click on the Columns icon in the bottom toolbar, uncheck "Amount", and check "Charge" and "Payment". This will put your charges in one column and your payments and credits in another.

    If all your charges are showing up in the Payment column, then there is a problem. (Such a  problem is likely with the download that HSBC is providing, but it could be with the way Quicken is reading and important the QFX data from this bank.)  I have not read reports from other HSBC users having a similarproblem. 
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