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Capital One account is messed up

Candy Man
Candy Man Member ✭✭
I used to manually download transactions from Capital One, but yesterday I decided to use Web Express for this business. After updating, I had duplicate transactions which had already been cleared, and had to remove the duplicates. I proceeded to reconcile the account and the numbers were crazy. Upon further investigation, I noticed that the Capital One account in Quicken would increase the balance with a charge and decrease it with a payment! I tried resetting the account as well as taking it offline, but still no change.
Have been a Quicken customer for more than 20 years and never saw anything like this before :)


  • splasher
    splasher SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    In a credit card, you are generally in a state that you owe money and the running balance column should be in red.
    If it isn't red, it means that the CC company owes you money, highly unlikely.
    Check the Opening Balance for the account, recently, Quicken has been changing it when an existing account is setup for Express Web Connect downloads or is reset.
    Current advice is to enter the Opening Balance amount in the Memo field for future reference is this happens again.

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