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stock prices no longer update

Version 6.8.1 (Build 608.44845.100)  mac version


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    They do for me. And not seeing any other users reporting this, I'd assume it's working for most people. So let's dig into your problem…

    When is the last price update in your data? In Window > Securities, open a security you currently hold by double-clicking it; click the Price History tab, and see what the latest entry at the top of the chart is. It should be July 1 (the last day the markets were open) for mutual funds, or July 5 for stocks. What dates re you seeing when you look at a couple of your securities?

    If it's earlier than July 1, try signing out of Quicken and back in: on the Quicken menu, select Sign Out; then select Sign in and log back in. Then click the Update All icon at the left of the left sidebar. Do any price updates download now? 
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