Including Specific Transactions in a Report

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I'm working on a Spending by Category report.
I simply want to see net income and certain spending transactions with a total.

I would like to in include parts of a category.

For example:
- Report net salary income vs itemized
- Transfer deposits to a Savings Account but not withdrawals
- My 401K contributions (set up in a paycheck), but not my employers


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    I don't think that you can do that in a single Q report, try creating 3 reports, each of which meets one of your criteria.
    The only place that Net Salary is shown is as a deposit to your checking account.  Net Salary isn't a category in Q, it's a deposit amount.
    Deposits, but not withdrawals, to savings would have to be a Savings register report
    Your 401k contribs (assuming you record them separately) would be from your 401k account.

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