Costco Visa monthly reconciliation is always off

kathy q
kathy q Member ✭✭
Every month the transactions downloaded via Quicken for a monthly credit card reconciliation, are different than the transactions on the credit card statement. the differences are due to transactions at the beginning and end of the month. This only happens with my costco visa. Using epxress web connect. Very tired of having to make manual adjustments.


  • Sherlock
    Sherlock Member ✭✭✭✭
    We've had no issues importing our transactions using the Direct Connect connection method with Citi Cards.

    If you're not using the Direct Connect connection method with your Citi Cards account registers, I suggest you deactivate the Online Services of all account registers available with Citi Cards and clear the name of the financial institution on the General tab of the Account Details window.  After you have deactivated the Online Services of all the account registers available with Citi Cards and cleared the financial institution name on the General tab of the Account Details window available at Citi Cards, select Tools > Add Account..., search for Citi Cards, select Advanced Options, and choose Direct Connect.  After you authenticate, Quicken should provide a list of the available accounts and allow you to link the account to the appropriate existing registers.

    You may need allow Quicken access to your Citi account at 

    Note: When we change the connection method, the initial import may present duplicate transactions which may be deleted.

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