Quarterly Net worth report shows wrong starting date

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Every quarter I produce a report of the net worth for the last 5 quarters. With R41.19 when I enter a range of 6/30/21 - 6/30/22 it shows columns of 6/29/21, 6/30/21 and then the end of each subsequent quarter. Support duplicated this at their end and says this is how it should perform. In order to get the report that I want the starting date needs to be 7/1/21 and it then starts with 6/30/21

This does not seem correct to me.


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    Quicken Support is correct, and that is consistent with the statements provided by most financial institutions. 

    In reports and the Portfolio views, Quicken uses the closing prices for the day prior to the starting date of the period. The prices for the end of the period are the closing prices for the last day of the period. That way it does not miss or duplicate any days in a multi-period report.    
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    I don't think your answer is totally correct. When I run the report for all dates, quarterly, it shows 6/30/2021 as the end of the quarter. The problem only occurs if I select 6/30/2021 as my starting date. Similarly if I start on 9/30/2021, a Thursday and valid end of a quarter, it shows 9/29 and 9/30 as columns. No matter what starting date I enter it shows the prior day and the date I specified.

    Interestingly if I enter 3/23/2022 as the start date it shows the 22nd and the 31st. Doesn't seem to be an issue around quarters ending on a non-business day.

    Finally, I tested on my travel laptop and the same results occur on R35.31.

    Any other thoughts?
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    Yes. @Jim_Harman gave you the correct answer. If you tell the program you want the Net Worth data for the period A through B, it will first report your starting status as of close of business on date A-1, then proceed through the desired periods of time at the end of the interval you specify (monthly, quarterly, etc.). 
    As best I recall, it has operated that way throughout the 30+ years I have used Quicken. 
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    As I stated above, the ending date for each period is the last day in the period, so 6/30 is the end of the second quarter.

    Quicken's date ranges have nothing to do with weekends or holidays.

    If you set the interval to Quarter and select 6/30 as the starting date, the first column shows the data for 6/30, the last day in the second quarter. Quicken uses the closing prices on the previous day  as the starting price for that one-day period.

    The next column starts on 7/1, the first day of the third quarter. 

    If you want a Net Worth report for the last day of the 5 quarters ending 6/30/22, you should set the date range to 7/1/21 to 6/30/22.
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