Trouble downloading from Discover.

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When I download files from Discover and select Quicken OFX data to a file in my pc download folder then try to import to Quicken I select (Import files from bank website in tool menu) then browse my pc download files and select The Discover file that is a QFX file. Then (continue) it spins and looks like it is importing but when completed shows Zero files imported.
I am new at this. Could anyone tell me what a may be doing wrong?


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    Your profile says you use Quicken Windows, but you're asking this question in a Mac forum. If you are in fact using Windows let us know so we can have a moderator move this over to one of the Windows forums.

    I don't think Quicken will import OFX files; it needs a QFX file.
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    Thank You
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    Make sure you are selecting .QFX (F in the middle) from the menu and not .QXF (X in the middle).
    Personally, I would just find the find in Windows Explorer and double click on it.  Quicken should grab it and import it, if Quicken is not started, Quicken will start and do the import.

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