Update R42.8 -- Causing Reset Loop Back To Version R1

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This morning I launched Quicken (Release R41.19). Got an error that said Quicken could not find (or access) my Data File.

-- I clicked the “I am an existing Quicken user" option, selected my data file (C:\Users\NAME\Documents\Quicken) and Quicken imported it. I still couldn't not update investment prices.

-- Next I validated my Data File. No errors.

-- Then I checked for updates. Release R42.8 was available for download, which I did.

-- Relaunched Quicken and noticed my version had reset back to Release R1 after the R42.8 update.

-- Downloaded the Mondo Patch. Version went back to Release R41.19.

-- Then I did a manual check for updates to see if the problem repeated. After downloading R42.8 again my Quicken version reset to back to Release R1 (again).

-- Downloaded Mondo Patch for second time and version returned to R41.19.

What is happening? I am not updating to Release R42.8 again because it keeps giving me a reset loop to version to R1. Any ideas?


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    @TexMike PLEASE edit your post to include some white space.  I went cross-eyed trying to read it.

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    Reformatted Text. Thanks for your suggestion,
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