Net Worth Report does not work - displays Account Balances Report instead.

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I updated a few days ago to R41.19, Build and now when I click on NET WORTH it displays the Account Balances Report instead. When I go to Reports tab and select Net Worth & Balances it shows both "Account Balances" and "Net Worth" as options but clicking on either only displays the Account Balances report. Where is the "Net Worth" report now?

The displayed Net Worth at the bottom of the Accounts column is correct, but I cannot display the report to show historical details which I need so I can discuss with my financial advisor.


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    I suggest you perform a clean uninstall, install while disconnected from the internet, update by applying the R41.19 patch, and restoring a data file saved prior to updating from the earlier patch release.  Normally, I would provide a link to the Quicken Support page on the clean uninstall however, Quicken Support decided to archive the page mistakenly thinking it was no longer needed.  Here's a link to the page as saved on Internet Archive:  If you did not preserve the installation program, you may download the US subscription version at:  To update Quicken, I recommend you download and apply the R41.19 Mondo patch from: or

    To prevent Quicken from applying an update without your approval, I suggest you set Windows UAC settings appropriately (choose default or always notify).
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    OK. I had decided to do as you suggest this morning but when I checked it several issues magically resolved overnight. Now the Net Worth report comes up fine. Also an unreconcilable account now reconciles perfectly. That account showed three charges from 1900 that did not display in the detail account list. Now the phantom charges are no longer present as well.

    I have been using Quicken since Money Counts went under in the 90's but had moved all my accounts forward so have over 30 years of data online (with multiple backups). This isn't the first phantom issue I have encountered but this is the first one where a magical Genie popped by during the night and fixed my issues for me while I slept.

    Thank you Sherlock for taking the time to reply. This closes this discussion.
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