Bank of America credit card: Out-of-date "online balance" is downloaded

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About a week ago, my B of A credit card accounts no longer balanced when doing auto-reconcile (with Direct Connect). This has been working fine for years. It seems that B of A has started downloading out-of-date "online balance" numbers. For example, when I updated today, it downloaded the online balance for 7/5/22, not today (7/9/22). So to get the account to reconcile, I had to uncheck all of the post-7/5/22 transactions in the Reconcile window.

Is anyone else seeing this problem? Does anyone know if B of A is aware?


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    I have the same problem
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    Have either of you complained to them?
    Direct Connect means that Quicken is talking directly to the financial institution.  Which in turn means that of the online balance is wrong there about 99.9999% chance it is the financial institution's fault.

    And what's more it is easy to provide it is their problem, and as such only they can fix it.
    If you select: Help -> Contact Support -> Log Files -> OFX Log

    That will bring that log file up with the communication between Quicken and the financial institution using the OFX protocol.
    Save that to your drive and open it (Notepad), and search for LEDGERBAL, there will be two fields:
    BALAMT and DTASOF.  These are the ones Quicken is looking at for the online balance/date.
    This is my website:
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    Quicken chat support had me deactivate and reactivate the online account connection. Balance is correct today. Hope it stays that way.
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