Planning - Budget - Not showing Expense Categories

The Dropdown box above did not allow me to select the category 'Budgeting and Planning Tools (Windows)'.
I have set up a new Budget (using Automatic setup). It displays the Personal Income, but not the Expense categories. I have verified the 'Select categories to budget' & 'Select accounts' are checked in the Budget Actions dropdown box. The Income & Expense categories show up on Budget reports. I need to modify the Budget amounts for each month. I have Deluxe Version R41.19, but downloaded the fix patch R42.8.


  • Sherlock
    Sherlock Member ✭✭✭✭
    It might help if you attached screen captures to show us what you're trying to describe.

    My guess, at the moment, is you may need to scroll down or expand the Personal Expenses in the Budget view.
  • chrislowery
    chrislowery Member
    After more research, I figured it out. I had to create an Expense Group, and add each expense category to that group that I want included in the Budget. It works different then the Income category. On the Income category, you just have to select the categories from the 'Select Categories to Budget'.

    Must be a 'software bug' within Quicken between the two groups.
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