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Since the last update to Quicken the date insert for the backup doesn't work as in previous version. I backup to different drives and I can only add the current date to one backup. When I try to backup to another file the date option is not available. In order to have the correct date on all if the backups I have to copy and past the date stamp into the other backups. Is there a fix for this issue?


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    Hi @"nbtnn97

    Are you sure that Date Backup is not working? When you change locations for Backup, to different drives, the Date option always becomes unchecked. All you need to do is to check it again. Some Users don't add the Date Option to the Backup created.

    And are you aware that the option to add time to the Backup name, can only be added if the Date Option is also checked.

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    You are evidently using R41.19.  R42.8 which is in staged release, but available at
    has resolved the issue with the date & time selection checkboxes being greyed out.

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