I use Quicken in Manual Mode Only - Now won't let me in unless I pay $50

I've used Quicken for at least 10 years. I've never connected to any of the online functions. I went out last year and purchased the latest version, just to have the latest. I DO NOT want a subscription. I read the box very carefully before purchasing. Now it's saying my subscription is expired and won't let me in unless I pay. Really? I hope this is just a mistake. I'm sure there's a way to say I only use in manual mode (and Quicken would know that) and they will turn me back on. Can anyone provide me with direction?


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    If you are using Starter Edition, it goes into read-only mode if the subscription expires and it has always stated that in the Terms of Use.  You did read the Terms of Use (https://www.quicken.com/terms-of-use) before agreeing to it, correct?
    If you are using one of the other editions, you can continue to use it in a completely manual manner but with the banner suggesting renewal.

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