Check Pay to Chase credit card not received, and cannot void or change the transaction

I sent this card payment on June 29 knowing Chase would not accept a Quicken Quick Pay "sometime in July", and it failed twice.  So fine they shut it down happened sooner than Quicken said, and sent a Check Pay for the same credit card on July 1 for a July 12 due date.  That was supposedly done per the register but never received by Chase.  Called Quicken who advised it was "lost in the mail" and to have Chase stop payment and pay it manually, which I did.  I'm out a $28 late fee + $30 stop payment fee for the pleasure of using this product. 

Anyway - I paid it manually on the Chase site today and now find that I cannot void or delete or change the earlier Check Pay transaction in the register, it says "This payment must be cancelled before you can change it", but there is no way to cancel it.  Suggestions on how to get rid of it?  


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    OK, it's too late now, but ...

    Be sure to avoid future late fees and penalty interest rates

    Are you about to be late with making your bill payment due to problems or unexpected delays in Quicken Bill Manager (Quick Pay or Check Pay) that can't be resolved in a timely fashion?

    Due to the complexity of the matter it can take apparently forever to identify and fix a problem. While you're fighting the Bill Manager windmill, waiting for the problems to be resolved, to avoid missed payments I recommend you logon directly to the biller's website and authorize them to direct debit (aka PAC Draft, Autopay, APS, etc.) the next and perhaps all future payments from your checking account or a credit card. The biller will do all the work for you and make an electronic debit on the due date and you don't have to worry about being late.

    In Quicken just record a scheduled reminder which does not execute as an online payment into your account register on or before the Due Date and before you download transactions from the bank or credit card containing the payment transaction. That will allow Quicken to match your register transaction to the downloaded data and not cause any further issues.

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    Thank you Sherlock, I upvoted the change.  I tested and found I can delete the entire account with the bad Check Pay transaction in it, but cannot do anything to the bad transaction itself.  If they can't/won't allow it to be deleted or voided directly and feel it's important to preserve it for some reason, they create an offsetting transaction if that makes someone feel better.    
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