Is this supposed to be the date ? (Q Mac)

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See image
we are 2022/07/13
I see those numbers
but what are the two "1"


  • jacobs
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    I don't think that's a Quicken issue. Date formatting is controlled by macOS, which you can control in System Preferences > Language & Region > Advanced >Dates. You apparently have your date separator set to a "-", and Quicken uses a "-" for date ranges. So January 1 (01-01) through July 31 (07-13) is shown as 01-01-07-13. If you were using the US standard of slashes instead of hyphens, it would look clearer: 01/01-07/13 or 1/1-7/13.

    If you don't like slashes as date delimiters, I think you're stuck with what you're seeing. 

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  • Gilles9
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    OK that can be as I am localized differenty than US
    Thanks for clarifying
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