Auto Match Transaction Bug introduced in R42.8 Build 27.142.8

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So now with this latest update, when transactions are downloaded (sometimes our paychecks are off by a cent or two in either direction) I see that the paycheck amount that was just downloaded is different than my reminder amount, I update the reminder (auto added), and the downloaded transaction does not recognize that the changed value is the same as the imported value. It works fine if it's an exact match. It used to recognize that you updated the reminder (auto entered) amount and would recognize the match and you could accept the match. Now when I update the existing transaction to match the imported one, I have to manually match them. Please fix that, it does not mention anything about this change in the release notes. Thanks!


  • splasher
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    With this latest R42.8 release, Quicken does not re-run the matching logic if you change the existing transaction.  If you change to a different account register and back, the matching logic seems to run and make the proper match.
    This is definitely a reduction in what was a good working feature, hopefully Quicken will return it to its previous working process.

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  • JodyinSD
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    Has this been fixed yet? I am having to manually match ALL transactions even when the Payee and the amount are EXACTLY the same.
  • LeeDChristensen
    Looks like they fixed it in an update about a week ago.
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