How can I add multiple biller accounts at one institution?

I have two accounts at Chase, one for my personal use and one for my business. I have credit cards that are associated with both of them. When I try to add an online bill for Chase, it shows "The following account has been found using your Chase connections. Select an account to add it to Quicken as a bill.". The credit card shown, and already added, belongs to my business account. There are none of my personal account's credit cards appearing and there is no ability to tell Quicken to look at that account with that set of credentials to log in. How can I get Quicken to look at this other account?


  • Sherlock
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    Chase is intentionally blocking the third-party bill aggregation service from access to their online biller

    If you haven't already, you may want to review:
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    Thank you, that was perfect. The issue was that one account (the business account) was using EWC and the personal account was using Direct Connect. I'm not sure how they were using different methods, but once I deactivated all of the accounts with the personal account, I could readd and relink. It used EWC to create the connection, then the cards appeared in Bill Manager.
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