macOS 13 Ventura beta

criostoirom Member
Quicken is not working properly in the beta of Ventura. I know, I know.
Any word of when it will work properly. It opens just one account and does not show me the other accounts so I have no way of changing accounts.


  • criostoirom
    criostoirom Member
    Sorry, it is working fine after all in Ventura beta.
  • jacobs
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    And just for your future knowledge, Quicken never comments on functionality with macOS betas. If the Quicken app requires some update for compatibility with a new OS, it will generally be released around the time (slightly before or after) Apple's release becomes official. If there's a change in an underlying technology announced by Apple, you can be pretty sure the Quicken Mac team is aware of it and dealing with it. If something is just not working right with a macOS beta, they may investigate and determine it's due to a bug in the OS rather than a bug in Quicken, and simply wait for Apple to make a fix prior to release.

    In the era of the modern Quicken Mac (e.g. since fall 2014), there have not been any compatibility issues with Quicken Mac upon the release of each new version of macOS.
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