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I tried finding if this has been asked and answered so sorry if this is a dupe.

I noticed when I do a rollover to a new investment account, old account goes to zero the other spikes up with the new balance. If I hide the old zero balance account it screws up the charting in the dashboard causing this terrible dip down then spike up in the chart. I tried using the hidden account, separate account, and they all cause the same issue. The only way Ive found to keep the chart looking correct is to leave the old account open on the account tab with the zero balance which is just not great, cluttered looking. Is this really the only way to address this issue?


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    The transactions are still in the old account. Thus their amounts still have an impact on your Net Worth. If you hide or exclude the old account from a long-term Net Worth chart, you will see the impact as a dip in your Net Worth.
    You can hide the old account from the Account Bar, but your Net Worth report needs to be configured to include hidden accounts. There should be a customization setting somewhere ... but I'm not a Q Mac user, so I can't tell you where to look ... sorry.
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    @UKR @Wade Shanley There is a bug in Quicken Mac where closed/hidden accounts are excluded from the chart of investment performance on the Portfolio page. @UKR is correct that doing a Net Worth report as of a date in the past will include closed accounts, as long as the report is configured to include them. But the chart on the Portfolio view can't be configured. the Quicken Mac team has acknowledged this is a bug which will be fixed in the future. We just don't know when in the future that will be.
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