Quicken Bill manager - useless rip-off

I have used Quicken for 28 years. During the last 6 years or so the quality of the product has steadily decreased with many problems going unsolved. At the same time the annual subscription price has been going up. The core purpose of Quicken has always been the BillPay capability. The new Bill Manager is useless. It has introduced a large number of complexities and ... and … on top of that, Quicken has now throttled the number of bills that can be paid via Check Pay. This does it for me. I will not renew my subscription to this product. The product updates these days are mainly product fixes or fluff that I can live without. I am already paying $104 per year for the Home and Business version. And now, they want an additional $$ amount for the 25+ paper checks I generate monthly. It makes no sense, except for greedy Quicken owners.
Instead, I will switch to my bank's free bill payer system and then download my transactions into Quicken from the bank. I can go on for years without [mostly] meaningless updates.
There are also alternatives to Quicken out there. https://robberger.com/quicken-alternatives/
Good bye Quicken


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