Something odd about Quicken the next day

Dave Robinson
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I have started noticing that when I open a Quicken data file to process a new day of transactions, Some of the previous days' postings do not come up in the register.
I have my working file located on my local desktop which (by the modified date of the file is correct 'yesterday'). I backup to my Quicken | Backup directory every day.

When I restore my backup directory is correct with the previous day's postings but my working file does not. What is going on with the working file and backup file not being the same as they should be? It is/was my understanding that the working file is updated every time Quicken is closed.

Now, I use the "X" to close Quicken and allow Quicken to perform the back up then it exits the program it self.

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  • NotACPA
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    Take a look at your File menu, at the 4 files listed above the EXIT command.  Which file (working or backup) is listed as #1?

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  • Dave Robinson
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    It is my working file which was backed up at the last exit.
    This time it opened as it should with all of yesterday's updates.
    I will check this the next time I find a discrepancy. ~Thank you
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