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I have encountered two issues when adding securities. First when typing the symbol in the box, Quicken does not look up the symbol and enter the security name - just sits there with the spinning wheel. Entering the security manually works as expected except for the second issue. It will not allow me to enter one of my securities. I manually entered all the information and when clicking "done" the list of securities does not show the one I just entered. The symbol is KDHAX. The symbol is accurate as Google recognizes it and will display the security information. Any help here will be appreciated.


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    On your 2nd problem: What is the Security Type you have selected? Stock, Mutual Fund?
    It cannot be "Market Index" as that's reserved for true market indices like Dow Jones, S&P, etc. It cannot be used for mutual funds or other securities saying they "follow a market index".
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    KDHAX works OK for me.

    Possibly you have already entered that security but it is hidden. Go to Tools > Security List and check the Show hidden securities box at the bottom. If you see the security and its Hide box is checked, un-hide it.
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