Can't export a report to Excel even though I'm looking right at it

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I've created a capital gains report in quicken Mac. The only way I could achieve the lost reporting funcitonality of QM2007 was to edit a 'Tax Schedule' report and select only the capital gains categories. This worked fine. Now I need to export the report so I click Export and get a message "No report data! No report data to export."

I am looking at the full CG report in the Quicken window. How can it assert that there is no data to report?

As it turns out, I can select the contents of the window and paste it into Excel, albeit with wonky date formatting because I use dd-mm-yyyy (system is set to Australian) so anything that doesn't comply with Quicken's requirement to use mm/dd/yyyy is copied across as text with months and days swapped around so that I must now manually inspect and edit all the dates. This is an unacceptable waste of my time and prone to introducing errors.


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    I tried to replicate this but unfortunately I could not. The Tax Schedule report limited to cap gain categories exported successfully. Not sure what to tell you about that.

    Rather than manually edit all the dates, how about temporarily switching your macOS date format to U.S., copy/paste the report, then switch it back. Not ideal, but much faster than manually editing dates. Also, I think you probably fix the dates in Excel with a formula or format change. Sorry I don't have time to experiment with that right now.
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    I've just replicated my problem on another file. If I include the full tax summary, then the report exports correctly. If I deselect all categories other than capital gains then the data appears in the report window, but I get the 'no report data to export' error when I try to export it.
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    I just tested this, and like @RickO, it worked correctly for me onscreen and in the export.

    I'm puzzled how for you the onscreen report shows data but the export doesn't.

    Out of curiosity, which categories are you including in the report? I used:
      Investments:Long-Term Capital Gain
      Investments:Reinvest Long-Term Capital Gain
      Investments:Reinvest Short-Term Capital Gain
      Investments:Short-Term Capital Gain
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    I can repeat it over and over. The only way I can generate a capital gains report with the new (less capable reporting) in Quicken Mac is to use a US tax summary report and deselect all categories that are not related to capital gains. Because I've transferred a legacy QM2007 file over I have a bunch of •xxxxx categories, e.g. •Realized Gain, and I've select all of these categories, i.e.

    •Long CapGnDst
    •Long CapGnDst NT
    •Realized Gain
    •Realized Gain NT
    •Short CapGnDst
    •Short CapGnDst NT

    I have also created the identical output selecting

    Investments:Long-term Capital Gain
    Investments:Realized Gain/Loss
    Investments:Short-term Capital Gain

    In both cases I get the same message when I try to export.

    I note also that I get the same report even if I select only Short-term capital gain (it still shows the LT gain) or only Long-term capital gain OR even with no categories selected at all!

    This implies to me that Quicken has hard-wired a specific capital gains reporting routine that ignores the user choices. go figure. Maybe I broke the software. Perhaps there is a corruption in the underlying SQLite database?
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