Problems with Alphabet Inc (GOOGLE SPLIT update?

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While updating Investment portfolio, the 20 for 1 split updated the shares correctly, but is showing the day change UP $105 when it's actually down $2.
Can Intuit please address this?


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    Intuit has not 'owned' the Quicken software for many years.  They will not be addressing this.

    Now, at end of trading day, GOOG shows a 'Day Change" of -2.857.  Earlier, I might have seen a 100+ number but I am not positive about that.  Maybe it has now been corrected. 

    I did find it necessary to 'correct' historical prices for 7/11-7/15 and a few other scattered dates (multiplying the $100+ values by a factor of 20), but I do not believe that is a facto for this post.   
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    Hi @Joe7,

    That (stock split) data (as well are price info) is not provided by Quicken.  Rather, it is being provided by your broker when you perform a download and/or by a stock quote service.


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    I'd read somewhere that after the split there was an unexpected and unexplained short-term price spike.  It was corrected quickly once the trading began.  Maybe that is what you saw?

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